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Other Products

Tree Watering Bag 20 gallon

These slow release watering bags are great for watering newly planted trees. They hold up to 20 gallons of water and can be used for up to a 4" caliper trees. Multiple bags can zip together for larger trees. Using these bags delivers water directly to the roots where it is needed.

BioPlex 5-in-1 Complete Planting Granules

BioPlex 5-in-1 Complete™ Planting Granules is one composite product, formulated to affect five strategic, agronomic plant responses. It delivers one predictable result: SUCCESSFUL TRANSPLANT OUTCOMES with significantly decreased incidence of symptomatic plant decline or mortality!

Simplicity doesn’t always require settling for less. Simplify your transplanting protocols while improving transplant results and profits with BioPlex 5-in-1 Complete Planting Granules. Everything a plant requires to successfully transplant is formulated within one easy application! This proven 5-way product combination gives professionals a comprehensive, cost-effective one-step plant installation protocol that fulfills COMPLETE agronomic plant establishment requirements.

BioPlex Transplant Concentrate & Plant Enhancer

Excellent for SUMMER-DIGGING. BioPlex “ORIGINAL DIGGING” Transplant Concentrate & Plant Enhancer is well recognized for its success in summer-digging ornamentals. Depending on the time of year and degree of pressure from existing environmental stress, it is most often applied as either a root drench or foliar spray. In some circumstances, both application protocols would be necessary to achieve superior results (follow label guidelines). Conifers, well into candling can be successfully harvested in June. For 25 years, BioPlex has come to the rescue when plant harvest cannot be delayed. BioPlex products have long enjoyed a great reputation to provide the additional plant support necessary to successfully summer-dig, even in the most severe environments.

BioPlex Fertile Fusion 12-4-6

BioPlex Fertile FUSION™ 12-4-6 is a BioBlend liquid complex derived in part from rich, virgin soluble fish hydrolysate, natural fulvic acid, colloidal phosphates, cold processed ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, L-Amino acid complex, wetting agent and urea. This fertilizer includes balanced elemental nutrition and carbon supplementation to encourage prompt color response and more fibrous roots to ensure complete recovery of damaged roots and plants. BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6 is fortified with our proprietary BioPlex Concentrate, a powerful, safe, and effective natural biostimulant. Biostimulation elevates numerous physiological plant functions important to comprehensive cellular integrity. In addition, its use helps enhance root structure fibrosity and optimize and elevate plant health and vigor.

BioPlex’s proprietary BioBlend formulating protocol guarantees a complete, diverse source of chelated, highly digestible, eco-friendly, probiotic nutrients. Bottom-line primary agronomic plant responses you might expect when using BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6 include: added stress resistance, drought tolerance, increased photosynthetic capacity, increased chlorophyll production, improved cellular turgidity and permeability, evenly wet soils, less isolated dry spots, even nutrient distribution. BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6 is uniquely formulated to satisify the complete nutritional requirements of both turf and ornamentals throughout active vegetative growth stages, BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6 is an excellent choice for use on both cool and warm season grasses, as well as on flowers, bedding plants, trees and shrubs.

BioPlex Kickstarter 5-10-5

BioPlex Kick STARTER™ 5-10-5 is a BioBlended liquid fertilizer concentrate that embodies ALL of the relative agronomic performance characteristics professionals might seek in a fertilizer. It is high in phosphorous, a primary, digestible, mineral required for root mass growth and development. With a prescription combination of two of the oldest, most effective forms of fertilizers known to mankind—soluble hydrolyzed fish and cold processed ascophyllum nodosum seaweed—it is safe and delivers safe and predictable results. BioPlex Kick STARTER 5-10-5’s secondary organic nutrient inputs are derived from soluble fish meal, feather meal, colloidal phosphates, borax and glucoheptomates of Cu, Zn, Mn, and Mo. To ensure a targeted multidimensional plant response, 5-10-5 is fortified with our proprietary BioPlex formulation—a powerful, safe and effective biostimulant complex. The 1.25% L-Amino complex ingredient, when utilized in combination with fulvic-humates and key micronutrients, optimizes nutrient portability, efficiency, stability and translocation—a prerequisite for new fibrous root, shoot, leaf, stem and other vegetative formations.

The bottom line: BioPlex Kick STARTER 5-10-5 delivers more agronomic plant response dynamics than the typical starter fertilizer. Biostimulation resulting from the cold processed seaweed synthesizes elevated thresholds of auxins, gibberellins and various key indoles, which are all important to comprehensive cellular integrity. The nonionic state-of-the-industry wetting agent ingredient ensures evenly wet soils with more equal nutrient distribution, which increases nutrient uptake in all use applications and growing conditions. “Kick start” your next new planting or post fairway overseeding with BioPlex Kick STARTER 5-10-5!

Tree Stake Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to stake one tree. It includes two metal t-posts, wire and hose to go around the trunk of the tree.

Mesh Tarp

Mesh tarps are available in various sizes to cover your load. These are the best option for covering a load of trees because they block the wind, but still allow for ventilation. The tarps also have grommets which make them easy to tie down.

Heavy Duty Tarp

We carry a variety of sizes of poly tarps to cover your load. They are made of polyethylene and are 4 mil thick. They are a nice inexpensive option to protect your load of trees from wind damage. They don't offer much ventilation so they aren't great for long trips, but will do the trick if you are just transporting around town. These tarps also have grommets in the corners and along the side which make them easy to tie down.

Turf Gold Compost

This compost is made from recycled yard waste and screened to 1/2 inch or less. Compost can be used as a soil amendment for everything from vegetable gardens to tree plantings. Besides soil amendment it can also be used for weed control. Compost is available to purchase in bulk by the yard.

Pine Needle Mulch

The pine needle mulch comes in compressed square bales that are roughly 14"x12"x28". Each bale is roughly 3 cubic feet and will cover about 35 square feet when applying as recommended at 2"-3" thick. Pine needle mulch is a great option for suppressing weeds and a natural look. As it breaks down it will add nitrogen to the soil and acidify the soil.

Hardwood Mulch

Natural hardwood mulch that is double ground and screened to three inches in length or less. It is slightly aged for a natural brown color. Our hardwood mulch is available for purchase in bulk by the yard. One yard will cover approximately 100 square feet when spread at a depth of 3".

Composted Rice Hulls

Rice hulls are commonly used as a soil amendment as well as a weed control. Here at DMF Gardens we use it for both. Rice hulls are the outer shell from a grain of rice that is removed after harvest. A couple benefits of adding it to your soil is it lightens the soil which helps with aeration and it also helps with moisture retention. To use it as a weed control simply spread a thin layer over the area you are wanting to suppress weeds. It is available for purchase in bulk by the yard.

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