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BioPlex Kickstarter 5-10-5

BioPlex Kick STARTER™ 5-10-5 is a BioBlended liquid fertilizer concentrate that embodies ALL of the relative agronomic performance characteristics professionals might seek in a fertilizer. It is high in phosphorous, a primary, digestible, mineral required for root mass growth and development. With a prescription combination of two of the oldest, most effective forms of fertilizers known to mankind—soluble hydrolyzed fish and cold processed ascophyllum nodosum seaweed—it is safe and delivers safe and predictable results. BioPlex Kick STARTER 5-10-5’s secondary organic nutrient inputs are derived from soluble fish meal, feather meal, colloidal phosphates, borax and glucoheptomates of Cu, Zn, Mn, and Mo. To ensure a targeted multidimensional plant response, 5-10-5 is fortified with our proprietary BioPlex formulation—a powerful, safe and effective biostimulant complex. The 1.25% L-Amino complex ingredient, when utilized in combination with fulvic-humates and key micronutrients, optimizes nutrient portability, efficiency, stability and translocation—a prerequisite for new fibrous root, shoot, leaf, stem and other vegetative formations.

The bottom line: BioPlex Kick STARTER 5-10-5 delivers more agronomic plant response dynamics than the typical starter fertilizer. Biostimulation resulting from the cold processed seaweed synthesizes elevated thresholds of auxins, gibberellins and various key indoles, which are all important to comprehensive cellular integrity. The nonionic state-of-the-industry wetting agent ingredient ensures evenly wet soils with more equal nutrient distribution, which increases nutrient uptake in all use applications and growing conditions. “Kick start” your next new planting or post fairway overseeding with BioPlex Kick STARTER 5-10-5!

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