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BioPlex Fertile Fusion 12-4-6

BioPlex Fertile FUSION™ 12-4-6 is a BioBlend liquid complex derived in part from rich, virgin soluble fish hydrolysate, natural fulvic acid, colloidal phosphates, cold processed ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, L-Amino acid complex, wetting agent and urea. This fertilizer includes balanced elemental nutrition and carbon supplementation to encourage prompt color response and more fibrous roots to ensure complete recovery of damaged roots and plants. BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6 is fortified with our proprietary BioPlex Concentrate, a powerful, safe, and effective natural biostimulant. Biostimulation elevates numerous physiological plant functions important to comprehensive cellular integrity. In addition, its use helps enhance root structure fibrosity and optimize and elevate plant health and vigor.

BioPlex’s proprietary BioBlend formulating protocol guarantees a complete, diverse source of chelated, highly digestible, eco-friendly, probiotic nutrients. Bottom-line primary agronomic plant responses you might expect when using BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6 include: added stress resistance, drought tolerance, increased photosynthetic capacity, increased chlorophyll production, improved cellular turgidity and permeability, evenly wet soils, less isolated dry spots, even nutrient distribution. BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6 is uniquely formulated to satisify the complete nutritional requirements of both turf and ornamentals throughout active vegetative growth stages, BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6 is an excellent choice for use on both cool and warm season grasses, as well as on flowers, bedding plants, trees and shrubs.

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